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WOMEN: PRO & CON / 1958

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Women: Pro & Con / 1958

Thoughts on women and their mystique via the brains of: Balzac, Wilde, Kipling, Nietzsche, Shakespeare, etc. Each page letterpressed, with illustrations throughout of female form woodcuts by Jeff Hill. From the intro, or “Apologia”: “Every word of praise is a pearl, wrenched from the hard shell of a masculine heart, and should be valued far above the easy sarcasms. In this enlightened view, the balance is restored.” Features philosophies on women’s nature both hilariously sexist and poetically beautiful. An entertaining 1950s relic, from an era when women were as mysterious as aliens, so if collected for reference, or for laughs, it’s a fantastic addition to any feminist library.

Peter Pauper Press / 1st / / excellent condition with slight aging to pages / 61 pgs. / 1958


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