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THE FAMILY OF WOMAN / Jerry Mason / 1979


The Family of Woman: A World-wide photographic perception of female life and being / Jerry Mason / 1979

Black and white portraits of women all over the globe, taken by the World’s most gifted photographers: walker Evans, Disfarmer, Susan Meiselas, Mary Ellen Mark, Eve Arnold, Judy Dater, and dozens more. A visual feast of the beauty, uniqueness, glamour, grit, and power of WOMEN.

From the intro: “In the spirit of The family of Man and The Family of Children {two best-selling groundbreaking photographic books from the 1960s}. From the World’s photographers, a piercing look at the changing and unchanging, at universal woman and her progress through life. The Family of Woman looks at work, at activism, at play, at sexual exploitation, at grief and death, at love. It looks at how women feel and act with lovers, friends, parents, husbands, children. Women’s lives and the quality of womanhood: The Family of Woman illumines the changes that are occurring within the great calm center of what continues unchanged.”

Ridge Press / 1979 / First paperback ed. / Beautiful condition / 192 pgs.


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