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LIVING ON THE EARTH / Alicia Bay Laurel / 1971

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Living on the Earth / Alicia Bay Laurel / 1971

A coveted guide book for everything under the sun & moon in achieving a utopian commune lifestyle: cooking, massage, childbirth, yoga, growing weed + food, white witchcraft, making your own clothing, crafts and furniture, living in harmony with nature, dancing, loving, meditating, and slowing down. Illustrated in whimsical and wonderful hippie line-drawings. An essential read for a peaceful, Earth-connected existence, so deeply needed in these intense political times.

“When we depend less on industrially produced consumer goods, we can live in quiet places. Our bodies become vigorous; we discover the serenity of living with the rhythms of the Earth. We cease oppressing one another.”—Alicia Bay Laurel

Vintage Books / First edition softcover / excellent with light smudges, clean pages / 1971


20% of sale to be donated to Planned Parenthood

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