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SOLD / JANIS / David Dalton / 1971

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Janis / David Dalton / 1971

Nobody lived the true romance of blues and rock like Janis, and weather you are a fan or not, this bio is a dream read. Filled with personal interviews and observations, Janis talks about her obsession with Zelda Fitzgerald, old Hollywood, Bessie Smith, her insecurities, love affairs, and her art, with fascinating candor. Pages of amazing photos by legendary rock snapper, Jim Marshall, and a large section of written music and lyrics from her most powerful songs. Velvet, love beads, cigarettes, turquoise, Southern comfort, and beautiful, broken soul.

Just say she was someone
So far from home
Whose life was so lonesome
She died all alone
Who dreamed pretty dreams
That never came true
Lord, why was she born
So black and blue —Kris Kristofferson, “Epitaph”

Popular Library / 1st pb edition of this printing / 1971 / Black crayon swirl on 3 pages from a child, otherwise great, read only once / 318 pgs


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