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ECSTASY AND ME / Hedy Lamarr / 1966


Ecstasy and Me: My Life as a Woman / Hedy Lamarr / 1966 / shelf wear to jacket, but otherwise perfect / First Edition, Hardcover

Hedy (born Hedwig Eva Maria Kiesler in austria) was one of MGM’s most glamorous and gorgeous stars through the 1930s-’40s. Impossibly gorgeous, with a mysterious edge, she starred in films alongside Gable, Tracy, and Powell, but she was no dumb pin-up. Lamarr was actually a brilliant science-obsessed inventor; leading to her co-discovery and patent during WWII of Spread Spectrum Technology, which was essentially the birth of wireless communication. However, this sleazy tell-all book does not reflect that innovation. Lamarr filed a $21 million lawsuit against the ghostwriters alleging that they had turned her autobio into a trash-novel that was, as Hedy put it, “fictional, false, vulgar, scandalous, libelous, and obscene.” It’s still a fun read and great addition to any Hollywoodiana-laden library. Stunning photos throughout!


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