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CASUALTIES OF PEACE / Edna O'Brien / 1968


Casualties of Peace / Edna O’Brien / 1968

The 5th book by the esteemed Irish author, and it's as wonderful as the rest. Written in an appropriately experimental style, during an era when women were starting to experiment with everything (drugs, sex, liberation...). Centers around the emotionally fragile Willa; a glass artist (who happens to be a virgin in her mid-20s), whose roomies are a married Irish couple. Willa falls in love with a Jamaican man, and the story unfolds beautifully, exploring O’Brien’s signature themes of female alienation, sexual repression, and their effects. This edition is dedicated to the awesomely unique actress (and Edna’s muse) “Rita Tushingham whose coat it is”. Tushingham starred in the 1963 film adaptation of O’Brien’s Girl With the Green Eyes, where a fur coat features in the plot. It’s the perfect train/beach/bathtub read.

Paperback / Penguin paperback / Rare European 2nd edition / Excellent unread / 141 pgs. / 1968


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