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A ROOM OF ONE'S OWN / Virginia Woolf / 1957


A Room of One’s Own / Virginia Woolf / 1957 / Harbinger / Rare! PB / Perfect, never read / 119 pgs.

Written in 1929, it’s beautiful early inspiration for the future feminists . . . almost like a spiritual guide to finding the courage to carve out personal space, enabling you to find yourself and fulfill your dreams, despite what society thinks you should do. Woolf was an early soldier for our liberation, and also one of the most tragic, and poetic ones.

From jacket . . . “Why is it, Virginia Woolf asks, that men have always had power and influence and wealth and fame—while women have had nothing but children? There will be woman Shakespeares in the future, Mrs. Woolf urges, provided women can find the first two keys to freedom: fixed incomes and rooms of their own.”

Cover designed by Ellen Raskin